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Do you know the feeling of coming home tired and hungry, and you have got nothing to eat but instant coffee and frozen raspberries?

I had a similar experience when I bought and ate a protein bar at my local gym. I but it from a lack of better nutritional choices, and it tasted like being hit by a brick of disappointment. I have been a chef for many years, so I thought to myself I can make a better, cleaner and fresher bar, without the taste of brick.

After a night of mouthwash and wondering, I was ready to enter the kitchen with a crate full of fresh, organic foods, creatively improvising until I had my recipe. And voila, my Raw Snacks were given life.

At the time of development I was a manager of Raabar in Aarhus, a raw food restaurant with a pride in using only clean ingredients and goods, so building on their philosophy was low hanging fruit.

Raw simply means using fresh produce and that the ingredients are not heated above 42 degrees Celsius to preserve nutrients, and to avoid burning yourself to toast.

All that was left now was finding the right identity and the right design for my snacks, and to me, nothing has ever been clearer: being healthy has to be fun! Let us do away with all the dry, preachy facts – those had already been taken care of in the kitchen – and instead stay earthbound and unique. Health should be about both laughter and deliciousness, in beautiful packaging.

I was fortunate enough to find some good people to support my vision, and from then on it has been an amazing ride, spreading health and tasty snacks. And we have only just begun!

Raw Snacks: Almost Completely Nuts.


Our mission is making it both fun and easy to chose health. We have already taken care of all the dry, unsexy facts for you, so that you can fill up your organic love tank with raw and delicious snacks and a clean conscience.

Raw Snacks’ Products

There are no added sugars, E numbers, endangered species or preservatives in Raw Snacks. Everything is 100% organic nuclear power as desired by both your body and Mother Nature.

Raw Snacks products are to be found all over Denmark and abroad – see dealers – where we are constantly adding more.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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